April 12, 2011

  • That’s “Game Store Professor” to you, sir.

    I would like to note for the record that as of 9 April, 2011 I have a diploma. Bachelor of Arts, History (Social Sciences Concentration) with a minor in Political Science.

    I. Am. Official.

    (An no longer eligible to attend Steven Colbert functions, as I am one of the “elite” who attack “truthiness”.)

April 11, 2011

  • Conservatives? I wish I knew some…

    When it comes to the forefront of Conservative movements, the old, tired face they drag out is inevitably that of Ronald Reagan. I just wish for a moment that he really was a “Conservative” in the political sense. Certainly he was not interested in small government, expanding the military at an unprecedented peacetime rate and supporting every major military contractor that reared their head. He doesn’t fit with the professor out at Taft’s opinion, ’cause he set into motion long term funding systems that went way beyond two years and hobbled George Bush’s attempts to control an ailing economy. He wasn’t interested in a balanced budget, increasing spending while cutting revenue by going further and farther in Captial Gains and personal income tax that we’re still struggling with today.

    Where have you gone Conservatives? Where are those who really support responsible fiscal policy… like we had under Eisenhower… and Clinton? Waitaminute….

    Where is the idea that the rules should be known and equal, so that everyone knows what the game is and what the rules are? Where is the Glass-Stiegel act? Where is the old Roosevelt trust-buster? Where is the small business in the corporate world?

    Somewhere not in the sight of either party, I’m afraid. One’s interested in their corporate masters. The other one is directionless. But only one has the ability to really, and truly return to Conservatism. It’s the one that’s not bought by Halliburton and the 700 Club.

January 18, 2011

  • Changes in direction, changes in attention

    I’m kinda busy for the next two weeks, but I’ve decided, with the pressures of graduating off and the real knowledge that the important people I’ve tried to impress have been suitably impressed that I’m going to give up a lot of inconsequential things and focus more on the positive crap I used to do. Tired ofupdating the news sites over and over again at work, I’m going to start grabbing stills and photomanipulate to hone up some phat PSCS skills, since I only have 8 short months of free PSCS left. Tired of watching L&O:CI reruns (but Vincent D’Onofrio is sooooo cooooool) I’m clearing off my old table, dusting off my old photo lights and digging around for my miniatures. I can’t give up DDO, the wife would leave me, but I forsee a new addition to the CavSquared family coming soon. I just wish we didn’t update our armour looks every other week. :D Finally, since me and my radical leftist friend have our degrees, we figure that the internet needs two MORE pundits, so we’re going to rant on YouTube about politics and stuff. Still trying to find a reactionary counterpoint to him, but there’s not many I can stand, so my centerist-just-a-little-on-the-right views will have to do for now. Usually I can deconstruct his arguments to the point where he can at least see who “the real enemy” is. *sigh* All this, and more, in 2011. Quarter speed ahead (hey, it’s better than the full fucking stop I’m currently at…)

September 30, 2010

  • I don’t know what I should do with this blog any more.


    Ideas are welcome.

April 18, 2010

  • Miniature Rules Monday

    The sun’s under the yardarm, so…


    You know, despite the civil war the Davions and Steiners still have some common problems, most revolving around pieces parts. That said, each side has an interest in the other, and have sent [s]spies[/s] observers to make sure things are still on the up and up now that they’re not shooting at each other. Find out how New Avalon gets it’s look at the biggest ‘Mech factory in the universe until the Blakists turn it into an underground nuclear test site in MINIATURE RULES!


    Miniature Rules: The 14 speed blender for the daiquiri of life. Too bad you’re out of booze.

April 12, 2010


    Monday! Monday! Monday!

    Theft is a part of the Battletech Universe, even if they’ve toned it way down. That’s besides the point, it’s fun. The better part of it though is that it always leads to REVENGE. Find out how someone featured all the way back in EPISODE TWO: THE ONE WITH A NAME finally plans to have it out with The Original.



    Miniature Rules: All broadcasts, transcripts or reproduction of the games without prior consent is prohibited by the NFL. This has nothing to do with the accidental implosion of the wrong stadium in the greater Dallas area.

March 25, 2010

March 22, 2010

  • A spotlight turns on, illuminating a lone microphone. A slightly deranged man in a completely blue suit steps out of the darkness into the now-lit circle.

    *tap* *tap* *tap* Is this thing on? Oh, yes…


    Hello, old friend. And in that spirit we travel to the confines of the notable ‘Mechwarriors sections of TRO3025 and TRO 3050U. Here we find Michael Udobo face off against his old nemesis, out for revenge. However, his opponent is an old dog, and knows no new tricks. However, after all these years, Udobo’s not quite the hard-charger he was before…


March 16, 2010

  • Trying to restart my life…

    …and that, depending on weather or not it’s wanted, may include restarting Miniature Rules.

    BTech Xangans, would you like to see a return of Battletech’s BEST six-panel comic?


    Spammy, I’m going to need some info from you about my six stickmatas, hopefully that’ll add some stroke to the Comic-Con application.

February 25, 2010

  • E.T. is not the best movie in 1982.

    I was looking over the praise and accolades heaped on E.T., and then I looked up 1982 in film. Now, I’m going to be honest here, I never got up in the E.T. craze. I was one of three people who didn’t see the film until it’s release on video a billion years later. That said, I look at the list of films and then compared them to my friend’s asinine statement: “E.T. is one of the best films ever, easily the best film in 1982.”


    First off, the winner of the Oscar that year is a brilliant biopic featuring one of the greatest performances by an actor I’ve ever seen. So, a puppet and a trite plot is better than Ghandi? Ok, you lose one internet.

    Well, it’s got to be the best kids movie, right? Well, for my money, a kid learning to distrust everyone around him, being chased by the police, and manipulated by an alien is a little less inspiring than being saved by the love a mother has for her child. So, by my account, E.T. fails to beat The Secret of Nimh. In the interest of full disclosure however, I must say I also consider The Secret of Nimh to be the fifth best movie ever put to film, and the best animated film of all time. So, there’s bias. But at ten, I think I still liked mom more than potato-man from outer space. But, in Secret of Nimh’s defence, The Dark Crystal came out this year too, and it’s got E.T. beat from hell to Breakfast.

    Ok, Science fiction. Talking rats aside, E.T.’s got this one down pat right. Human-alien interaction, MacGyvering an interstellar communicator, spooky decontamination sets. Well, there’s Blade Runner. I’ve said so much on that film, I really don’t think I need to point out again why I think it’s better than, well, everything. So, on to second place… It’s a good thing that no one decided to make an exciting space opera that year that would put two iconic actors into a mano-e-mano duel between their wills and their crews. Wait, oh crap. Star Trek: The Wrath of Khan came out this year… third place, though! Unless someone came up with an innovative look at a technology beginning to effect all of our lives, bring up the interconnectivity between people and machines… crap, ok we’ll take #4 behind Tron. #5 behind The Thing? Christ, how low are we going to go?!

    Don’t get me wrong, E.T. is a decent movie, but my friend’s statement is colored by the fact that he’s looking back at a time when he did get caught up in the hype, seeing the film 17 times in the theater. I look at it with the cold dispassion of someone who saw it independantly of the marketing machine it had behind it, both paid and unintentional, and see it for what it is. A good film.